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Synergy Home Improvements was founded in 1995, by Richard Walsh. As an former Unites States Air Force pilot, Richard maintains an incredible passion for service. He leads an amazing team of individulas that have a combined 180 years in the Home Improvement industry.

Synergy initially started as a roofing company, and got into other energy related upgrades in 2008 when the economy started to change. We adopted the whole house concept of Home Improvements. With utility rates on a constant increase, Synergy is able to reduce your energy consumption, and then help you lock in your electric rate for 20-30 Years! We call it, “Reduce before you Produce”.

Synergy provides their customers with a clear and transparent experience. Whether a customer is getting Solar Panels installed, a new Roof, Heating & Air Conditionig system, Windows, Water Heater, or some other energy upgrade, we guarantee a smooth process.

With Synergy, you can count on the finest Products & Financing in the Industry. Our partnerships with Silfab, Solar Edge, Quick Mount, Solaria, Panasonic, Rheem, Amana, Plygem, Coleman, Loanpal, Dividend, Sunlight Financial, Mosaic, and others, guarentee you will receive a quality installation along with affordable payments.




If you have not had an Energy Review completed on your home, you should. Synergy has certified energy professionals that can visit your home, review your utility bill, and inspect your home's Heating & Air, Roof, Windows, Water Heater, Insulation and Comfort. Upon completion, they will present you with their findings. 

The more you learn about your home, the better. Our staff will provide you with Energy Efficient Solutions that will often reduce your Utility Bill dramatically. 

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