Creative Back Office Services


Back Off Services

  • From Contract To PTO

  • Recorded Validation Calls

  • Proposal Services

  • Site Survey Scheduling

  • Submit ALL documents & Information to Finance Companies for NTP & Payouts

  • NEM Documents & Processing

  • Design Managment

  • Permit Services

  • Equipment Logistics & Delivery Scheduling (Get Our Volume Pricing)

  • Installer Scheduling

  • We will work with your Surveyors, Installers & Service personel. (Or you can use ours)

  • All projects are tracked in Salesforce

  • Commissions Calculations

  • Job Costing Reports

  • We Service All Of California (Other States possible)


  • Easily expand your operation without increasing your committed overhead.

  • Increase your Territory without having to learn each AHJ’s requirements, preventing design revisions.

  • You get to avoid chasing permits and having to call in daily to check the status your planset.

  • Allows you to focus more on sales & installs.

  • We can assist you with Supply Chain Pricing

  • We will always represent your company’s culture & help you get as many referrals as possible.

  • We are licensed contractor (B-General Contractor, C46-Solar, C20-HVAC & C39-Roofing). We are able to assist you with selling & installing Roofing, Windows, Heating & Air, Insulation, Water Heaters & More.

  • We have Accredited Salesforce Administrators on Staff. We can adjust to any of your company’s needs.

  • We maintain strict confidentiality with all of our partners.

If these services sound like something you need, please take a few minutes and complete the form below. We will reach out to you and schedule a time to discuss your needs and our services.