This solution will allow for an install on any home that already has Solar installed by any other company. It is completely stand alone and does not require us to touch or interfere with the customers current solar panel system.

This solution is great in that it will charge during the day, using power from the Solar Panels, and will discharge during 5PM - 8PM Time Of Use Hours. Customers with Solar Panels will start to see True-Up bills from the new TOU billing structure. This solution will help offset those True-Up bills.

It is important to understand, the best use for this is not back up power for when the power shuts off. It is utilized as a power managment system to take advantage of the Time Of Use Billing Structure.

Sunny Boy 2.5 Pic.png

Tax Information: A battery storage system will qualify for the Federal Tax Credit as long as the battery is being charged by renewable energy. (Solar)

This system will qualify for the 30% Tax Credit on the entire financed amount.

It will also qualify for approximately $3880 in California SGIP battery storage rebate program.