Our Lowest Payment Ever!

You can now use Calfirst’s PACE program to fund the HDM Capital Prepaid PPA.

Steps to run a deal through this Process are:

  1. Request a Proposal and select “Calfirst/HDM Capital”.

    1. In the Requested Price Per Watt, place the amount you want your Commissions Based on. Do not factor in any prepaid benefits.

  2. Synergy will produce a HDM PPA proposal containing the amount to be financed with Cal First.

  3. Go into your Cal First Login and get your customer’s credit approved. You can also call Cal-First at 855-545-0264, or Faith Murphy with Cal-First @ 530-386-5851. She is our local Rep.

  4. Then ask Synergy’s back office to complete the project details in the Cal-First portal, and we will send out the loan docs.

  5. Synergy will then send the HDM Capital Prepaid agreement to the customer for signature.

  6. Synergy will then send out a Synergy Contract for Signature.


  1. The Pre-Paid PPA makes it possible for you to finance 80% of the Cash Amount of the project.

  2. The 80% will have financing fee’s added, which is the projects Actual Price. The 25 Year 4.79% APR & 30 Year 4.99% APR have 15% dealer fees.

  3. With 80% of the agreement, HDM Capital Funds the other 20%.

  4. Extending payments out to 25 or 30 Years AND only financing 80% of the project creates a VERY low payment. THEN, you deduct the interest on the loan because it is ran through a PACE program, you see AMAZINGLY low payments.

Example Project

Proposal Says the system is 7500 watts. You want the project at $4.00/watt. (Saving The Customer $230/month)

You will have a cash price $30,000.

You will Finance 80% of that $30,000 and add 15% in Dealer Fee’s. $24,000 / .85= $28,235 <— Amount to Finance Through Cal First.

The (30 Year) Monthly Payment will be $171.99. Then deduct the interest write-off of $46.72. This is a payment of $125.27.

That’s cutting the customer’s bill in HALF with $4.00 per watt!!!