Serving Northern & Central California

When you and your family walk into your home in Sacramento, CA, are you as comfortable as you can be? Do you find it to be either too cold during the winter or too warm in areas during the summer? Whether you’re having a problem with uneven cooling or heating, or your indoor air quality isn’t up to par, Synergy Home Improvement has the products and services you need.

When you’re considering an HVAC contractor to handle your air conditioning installation or your heating repair service, it’s best to go with quality above all else. We understand this, and this is why we only provide products that we have hand-selected from top rated manufacturers. Reach out to us today.


In addition to traditional AC systems, we offer the following types of systems:

  • Ductless split air conditioning: Our ductless air conditioning systems are not only efficient and economical, but also provide heating and air conditioning in one convenient system.
  • Zone control air conditioner systems: Do you spend more time in one portion of your home? Our zone control systems allow you to have individual climate controls for different areas of your property.