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When you get Credit Denied, try PACE through HERO

Applying for HERO is now easier. You will find a link inside your proposal email.Simply fill in that application submit the requested documents.

Since it is a PACE program, you are guarenteed to have to provide proof of income, and the most recent mortgage statement. Reply to the original proposal email and provide the following documents & info. 

  1. Driver's License of each applicant

  2. Proof of Income for each applicant

  3. Most recent mortgage statement

  4. Primary Applicant's Date of Birth

  5. Last 4 digits of the Primary Applicant's  

Synergy Support will then upload those documents and await the determination. 

The information in this email is available at www.shi.energy/HERO, A link is also available from our sales page. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email. 

YES! You can use HERO with HDM Prepaid! 
You will be amazed of the low payment of a 25 Year 4.99APR loan with the HDM Discount!

6KW system @ 3.50/watt. Monthly Payment will be: $144 a month. This does not include what they could save if they wrote off the interest of their loan. 

Great reasons to choose PACE

  1. This loan will not count against the customer's Debt to Income Ratio

  2. The payment is no different that your taxes. Your taxes are considered a lien on your home as well. They are a second item on your tax bill. 

  3. You can write off the interest of the loan, essentially getting free money for the length of the loan. 

  4. Not all PACE programs are available in all areas. HERO has a great service area. 

  5. After installation, HERO pays out fairly quick, which allows for faster commission payouts.  

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